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National Aquarium Holiday Programme

Join us these holidays for an EGGtastic holiday programme

We will have five new daily topics where your budding scientist can discover all about animals that lay eggs, from those with feathers, those with scales, those that carry a shell on their back, to those that lived millions of years ago!

Monday: Come and take up the challenge of protecting your own clutch of eggs. How will you protect them, keep them safe and warm, and stop a crack-tastrophe! This day is all about birds, such as penguins, albatross, kiwi, and more.

Tuesday: Scurry over the hot sand, pick your way through the forest, and slither into the water. Can you find your way through different environments to find the right place to lay your eggs? This day is all about reptiles such as tuatara, water dragons, alligators, and more.

Wednesday: Join us for a shell-tastic time! How do sea turtles navigate their way back to the same hatching site, how much energy does it take to haul up onto the beach to lay eggs, and would you survive as a hatchling turtle? This day is all about turtles, terrapins, tortoises, and those with a shell.

Thursday: Travel back to the time of dinosaurs. Become a palaeontologist and dig up the hidden secrets of species of the past. How did they survive?

Friday: Dive into the open ocean, swim amongst the coral, or hide in the kelp forests. This day is all about our egg-laying ocean living species and how they protect them in many ways, such as seahorses, rays, and more.

Programme repeats across both weeks.

By appointment

14/04/24, 8:30 pm

26/04/24, 4:30 am

60 per day


what to bring:

National Aquarium of New Zealand

Bring your own lunch

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Karlie Lett


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