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Effortless Gardening Workshop

Mindful movement & mobility to weed out tension!

Are you a gardener ready to dive into a world where gardening brings joy to your soul and also nurtures your body?

Join me for an Effortless Gardening Workshop where you will learn how to move your body better as you do common gardening tasks - and know how to release muscles afterwards.

🌿 Weed Out Tension: Unlock techniques to release muscle tension, banish tightness and nagging aches and pains in shoulders, knees, hips and back.

🌿 Sprout Supple Joints: Discover the secrets to cultivating flexibility and improving mobility, especially in your hips, knees, and back.

🌿 Sow Sustainable Habits: Explore body-friendly postures allowing you to garden with ease and for longer periods.

🌿 Blossom in Balance: Gain insight into body alignment principles that will transform the way you approach gardening tasks, ensuring proper balance and reducing the risk of pain, strain and injury.

Remember all that weeding, digging, shovelling, raking, planting doesn’t have to hurt!

Sign up to transform your gardening game and give your body and muscles the TLC they deserve.

Spaces are limited, so don't leave your green dreams to chance—RSVP today to secure your spot.

The Effortless Gardening Workshop will be led by Sarah McAllum, a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner who will share her love of all things movement, along with practical hands-on techniques to empower you on your gardening journey.

Read more about Feldenkrais:

By appointment

7/07/23, 9:30 pm

8/07/23, 1:00 am



what to bring:

15 McElwee Street, Jervoistown, Napier

Towel or blanket

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Sarah McAllum


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