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Dry Point Printmaking for Beginners

Learn the simple technique of drypoint etching

You will explore this technique in depth, play with textures and tone to create your own beautiful edition of hand-crafted fine art prints. This series of evening workshops is perfect for complete print beginners or artists looking to broaden their practice and develop image ideas into multiples. Have fun, meet some like-minded creatives and delve into the world of printmaking. Dry point is a great place to start

Drypoint is a versatile printmaking process which involves etching an image into a polycarbonate plate ready for printing. Using etching tools, you will carve the surface with your design creating a unique textured plate to print multiple editions from. You will then learn how to ink your plate and print it using the CAN etching press. This technique is perfect for getting lovely atmospheric images with the application of ink, helping you loosen up and enjoy all that drypoint has to offer.

Materials are included in the cost of the course:
A dry point needle for you to keep
Tracing paper/newsprint
An A5 Polycarbonate plate (more will be available to purchase from your tutor)
Use of intaglio inks at the workshops
Mull cloth for wiping back the ink on the plate
Wet strength paper to print on (although you are encouraged to also bring some good quality printmaking paper like Fabriano Tiepelo)

By appointment

9/05/24, 6:00 am

13/06/24, 8:00 am



what to bring:

Creative Arts Napier

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For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Lisa Feyen

06 835 9448

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