Lauren (Journeyin)

11 Aug 2022

Equilibrium – learn how to create calm and balance in your life with Cacao and Yin Yoga. Come away from fight/flight and back to balance.

Equilibrium is an opportunity to learn about how we can support our nervous system, coming away from the fight/flight/freeze response (sympathetic) and back to balance (rest & digest or parasympathetic ).

The state of nervous system being in sympathetic mode can affect every part of physiological body from our hormone production to our immune system. Many official scientific studies have linked our sympathetic nervous system to diseases that suppress or over activate the immune system wreaking havoc in our bodies ability to selfheal.

When we can empower ourselves to become aware and more in tune with what’s arising for us and what is creating the stresses in our lives that trigger our bodies into the adrenaline rushes of fight or flight, we can be one step ahead of the game, bringing our body back to the parasympathetic nervous system.

Coffee for one works in the complete opposite way to Cacao, it activates fight or flight which then leads to an inflammation response in the body.

Cacao (pronounced ca- cow) brings more equal lasting energy to the body by supporting our adrenal glands and supporting our body’s natural ability to create happy, blissful chemicals in the brain such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. This calming of the nervous system allows way for our body to kick back into gear and do it’s thing…heal!

Yin yoga works in a similar way to cacao and the 2 go perfectly together. Yin yoga goes back to the original roots of yoga where it was created to prepare the body for mediation. With the support of cacao consumed before a yin yoga practice we have a better opportunity to really look within and embody all that arises without judgment and loving acceptance releasing blockages on a body, mind and soul level. This style of yoga is accessible to all as it really is your own practice and time to explore and be with your body.

I hope to empower, inspire and share the wisdom and knowledge of these potentially life changing practices with you on the 5-week journey together and that you come away feeling more empowered, aware and nurtured. Equilibrium (linkandlearn.nz)