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Yoga Beginners Workshop Series

Start your journey into Yoga in a well established way

This series of 4 intro workshops is an invitation for complete beginners to start their yoga journey in the new year as well as for old time practitioners to bring their experience to a new level

This practice is based on the teachings of traditional Hatha yoga and is suitable for every body, regardless of level of fitness, age or gender.

We will explore some of the fundamental theory and will lay foundations that can transfer to any style of asana practice.

This is an experience of Yoga as taught for thousands of years, made comprehensive and engaging, made to suit YOUR individual needs.

We will learn about fundamental asanas (postures) and warm-ups, pranayama techniques and the basic theory of classical yoga. Each class will consist of a short presentation and discussion, oven an hour of practice (asana - posture and pranayama - breath control) and a yoga nidra style of final relaxation. Completing such course will enable you to gain vast practical knowledge of yoga and will enable you to choose what style suits you best and will enable you to take your practice home.

It is recommended to take all four sessions of the series, though partial participation would still be highly beneficial.

By appointment

8/01/23, 5:00 pm

16/01/23, 6:30 pm



what to bring:

The Yoga Space Hastings

comfortable clothing

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Radha Iveta


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