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Taekwon-Do Classes

Perfect for both adults and teenagers!

Enjoy unbeatable rates. 10 weeks @ $160 pp. Family plans available:
2 members $176 total
3 members $195 total
4-5 members $210 total.

Led by the experienced instructor Ben Evans, NZ ITF stands out for its commitment to excellence. Ben has a proven track record of success, having trained numerous students to excel in international and world competitions, earning gold, silver, and bronze medals. His own achievements as a world medalist in power breaking and patterns underscore his expertise and dedication to the Martial Art.

What sets NZ ITF apart is not just its results but also its affordability and value. The term fee includes unlimited classes, ensuring that students can fully immerse themselves in their training without financial constraints. Moreover, the family rates offered by NZ ITF provide exceptional value, making it accessible for families to participate together and reap the benefits of Taekwon-Do training.

Within this nurturing environment, students learn the original version of Taekwon-Do, as created by the Founder General Choi Hong Hi. Through Ben's guidance and mentorship, participants gain confidence and resilience, preparing them not just for success in the dojang but also in all aspects of life. Enrolling with NZ ITF means investing in a holistic and enriching experience that fosters personal growth, camaraderie, and lasting values.

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By appointment

21/05/24, 2:30 am

21/05/24, 2:30 am



what to bring:

115 King Street South, Hastings.

Water bottle.

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:





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