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Pelvic Floor Restore Workshop

Ready for more than kegels?

Want to jump, cough or sneeze without peeing your pants? Get rid of pain in your hips, pelvis or back? Find out why your pelvic floor exercises aren’t working?

Join us for a fun, informative workshop for women to help you understand, nourish, support and maintain your pelvic health. We’ll

✅ Bust the myths on what’s normal and what’s not
✅ Teach you how your pelvic floor is designed to function
✅ Discuss the impact of age, pain, pregnancy and childbirth
✅ Explain why “kegel” exercises are not enough
✅ Guide you through easy, mindful exercises to improve your pelvic floor

This workshop is open to all women interested in their pelvic health (whether you have a “problem” or not).

But it’s especially if you

🌀 Leak when you run, jump, cough or sneeze
🌀 Find yourself rushing to the loo all the time
🌀 Experience pain or tightness in your hips, pelvis or low back
🌀 Have shallow or restricted breathing
🌀Know things “down there” are not quite right

The workshop will be led by passionate advocates for women's health - Bernadette Nolan, a Pelvic Health & Women’s Physiotherapist and Sarah McAllum, a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Movement Coach.

By appointment

20/09/23, 7:00 am

20/09/23, 9:00 am



what to bring:

15 McElwee Street, Jerviostown, Napier

Towel or blanket

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Sarah McAllum


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