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Monday 5.30pm "Not Yoga" Class

Feel fabulous with mindful movement classes

Fun, no-sweat mindful movement “Not Yoga” Awareness Through Movement® classes

* Great for your overall mobility, breathing and wellbeing
* Reduce pain, stress & tension
* Increase flexibility, vitality & energy
* Enjoy a better night’s sleep
* Improve posture & balance
* Feel rejuvenated & more youthful!

Different from your average exercise class, we focus on using your body AND your brain for healthy, pain-free, easy movement

Classes offer a range of full-body movements where no two classes are the same (because variety helps keep you motivated, juices up your joints and keeps your brain in “active learn” mode).

You always work at your own level of comfort. There's no sweat, force or effort involved. We operate on a "No Pain, More Gain" approach

Come join our fun community and try it for yourself.

$65 for 4 classes (receive recording if you miss a class) OR $20 casual subject to availability. Note there's no class on Labour Day.

Check out my news article here:

By appointment

9/10/23, 4:30 am

6/11/23, 5:30 am



what to bring:

Movement Works Studio, 15 McElwee Street, Jerviostown, Napier

Blanket or Towel

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Sarah McAllum


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