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Marketing on Social Media + Basic Website design

Starting a small business? Have products to sell?

Day One:
• Self-introduction/ course outline
• Participant self-introduction ( two truths and a lie)
• Showcase products and explain to everyone what your goals are
• Who is your market? Why?
• Who uses what social media platforms?
• What does paid marketing on social apps look like?
• The pros and cons of having a website

Homework: Research similar brands / products to yours and write down some ideas on what you like/ don’t like, and what you would do differently. Perhaps create a vision board. Bring this to week two.

Day Two:
• Discuss/ show us what you found with your research. What did you like/ not like – what are you going to do that is different?
• Creating a business name/ logo – decide on style/ colour/ theme
• Setting up accounts on different social medial platforms
• Start to explore WIX. Pros/ cons/ costs
Day Three:
• Finalise setting up your business social media pages
• Using Wix to start to develop your website

Complete your Wix website, and send link to Roshan

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