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Free Mindfulness

Free Mindfulness

We have a group for people 65 and older that helps you to let go – for a while – of your worries and anxieties, and concerns about past and future. We chat for a few minutes about aspects of mindfulness, and then settle in to experience the feeling of bliss that comes from the extraordinary calm of a guided meditation.

We hope you enjoy the serenity so much that you will spend time recreating that state at your leisure in the days between weekly meetings… and find bliss...any time you choose.

The experience of a state of deep calm will positively affect your physical and mental health and well-being and is reported to leave you feeling better about pretty much everything.

Every Tuesday at 11:30 am for two hours.

Booking Required

By appointment

10/03/22, 1:30 am

10/03/22, 1:30 am



what to bring:

Age Concern Hastings-415 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings

Water bottle

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Age Concern Hawke's Bay

06 870 9060

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