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Equilibrium 5 week Yin Yoga & Cacao Immersion

A five week Yin Yoga and Cacao course.

Equilibrium is a 5 week introduction to Yin yoga & cacao and how they can work together to create optimum balance back to your mind , body & soul.

Lauren is a mental health informed Yin yoga and cacao facilitator and aims to hold the safest & most empowering space. Each week you will be invited to start with a ritual of consuming a cup of warm cacao before entering into a deep restorative yin yoga practice. I will provide knowledge and guidance to support you on your journey with both elements to enable you to feel confident and set up to integrate your own private practice at home.

There will be support with Q&A through out the 5 weeks so if you need any guidance during this time you can reach out.

It will be an intimate group of no more than 6 people as we take this journey together. This will also create an opportunity for connection in community. I owe my closet friends to Cacao & yin yoga. To help you set up your journey the course includes a gift bag of 250g Seleno Cacao & a beautiful hand made cup & information.

I have been journeying with Cacao for over 5 years attending many cacao journeys along the way. Completing a 5 Day Trauma informed Cacao facilitation training. Cacao- is one of the only plant medicines known with Theobromine, a compound which helps restore the neuropathways in the brain to create blissful and calming chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine. It is a natural adaptogen which allows blood and sugar levels to regulate and for inflammation to calm in the body. This plant medicine has the potential to encourage the mind to drop more into the heart space and to allow yourself to feel more embodied and empowered to step Into your truest self and activate your creativity. More will be shared on the night. We will be working with a variety of cacaos from around the globe.

Tiered pricing options avail. for anyone experiencing financial hardship right now.

By appointment

11/09/23, 6:00 am

9/10/23, 7:00 am



what to bring:

810 Karamu rd north Hastings

Please drink plenty of water before and after

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:




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