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Self-regulation for your nervous system.

Equilibrium presents an upgraded 5-week journey dedicated to self-regulation of the nervous system. Throughout this program, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in various experiential and educational tools aimed at supporting your nervous system's self-regulation.
While many are familiar with the "fight, flight, freeze" response of the sympathetic nervous system and the importance of achieving balance with the "rest and digest" state of the parasympathetic nervous system, fewer are aware of homeostasis—the neutral equilibrium necessary for maintaining a smooth and easeful flow of self-regulation within the nervous system. Establishing equilibrium allows us to transition more seamlessly between the inhale of the sympathetic and the exhale of the parasympathetic, potentially transforming our experience in moments of anxiety, heightened emotions, or states of low energy, indecision, and procrastination.
Each week of the course will introduce a different approach, building upon the tools and techniques learned in previous sessions. From exploring adaptogenic support through cacao, Maca, and herbal teas to utilizing our bodies to shift stagnant energy, participants will delve into evidence-based methods for nervous system regulation. The program encompasses restorative yoga, somatic dance, free verse writing/journaling, shaking medicine, breathing techniques, bilateral stimulation techniques, havening, tapping, laughter and other somatic embodied practices designed to empower individuals on their journey towards self-regulation and equilibrium.
Lauren created the 5 week Equilibrium course back in 2022. This time the course is focused on several different self regulation modalities going beyond just yin yoga and cacao. Lauren aims to empower participants to feel equipped and confident in managing the every day stressors of life. This course is for anyone looking to expand their tool kits beyond what they are doing and dive into the world of self regulation.

By appointment

1/07/24, 6:00 am

29/07/24, 8:00 am

from 175


what to bring:

810 Karamu rd north Hastings

wear comfortable clothing

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:





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