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Ecstatic Dance

Come and dance!

Ooh yeah!
Who’s needs to dance?

Join us for a dance experience that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit with DJ Ora!

Let yourself surrender to the rhythm, moving freely as the music guides you!

Ecstatic Dance is a Wave Dance that begins slow and melodic, builds to an ecstatic peak, and gently returns.

This dance modality is a conscious therapeutic movement, that may release physical blockages through movement, leading you to a trance like ecstatic state and even perhaps self-discovery.
It’s fun and also good for your wellbeing!

Connect with other likeminded people in a in a safe held and nurtured space! A place of nonjudgement where you can freely move.

Ecstatic Dance events prioritize a safe and clear-minded space, with no alcohol or illegal drugs allowed.
Participants are expected to move with awareness, care, and respect. To maintain the focused dance atmosphere.

Location ‘The Homestead’
Keirunga Arts Venue, Havelock North.
Starts at 6.30pm arrive 5-10 mins to settle.

Wait in the hall way & Elizabeth dining room before being greeted and welcomed in by host DJ Ora.

No shoes allowed on the dance floor. Please take them off and leave them in
This is held inside with temperature control so you can wear less layers.

Cacao and herbal tea will be offered at the opening segment.

The ecstatic dance begins...
8.15 Closing and reflection

Limited tickets to 20 people
$30 per adult

Email to book:
Text; 0211449168

By appointment

14/06/24, 6:30 am

14/06/24, 8:30 am



what to bring:

The Homestead, Keirunga Arts Venue, Havelock North

Yourself and a great positive attitude

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Amanda Sowersby


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