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A Casual Conversation with Kathryn Perks.

a record of personal details and end of life planner

Join us for a casual conversation with Kathryn Perks, the author of 'When I Die,' she delves into the often-overlooked topic of end-of-life preparations.

Many don’t think about what happens to our belongings or who will tackle the daunting task of sorting through our possessions, papers and other administrative duties when we’re gone.

Kathryn shares how her own journey with her mother’s passing shed light on the challenges families face after a loved one dies. That’s why Kathryn created the ‘When I Die’ workbook. It’s not meant to replace a will, but rather a practical tool to help you write down all your important personal information and end of life preferences. This workbook streamlines the estate administration process, covering everything from contact details for professionals and loved ones to preferences for funeral arrangements, financial assets, property ownership, insurance, memberships, etc.

The workbook is available in bookstores for $25 per copy. However, Kathryn has a special offer for attendees of her talk at the Heretaunga Women’s Centre: she’ll sell it for $20. This is her way of ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need to navigate this important aspect of life.

By appointment

24/07/24, 10:30 pm

24/07/24, 11:30 pm



what to bring:

Heretaunga Womens Centre

Just yourselves!

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Heretaunga Womens Centre

06 878 5401

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