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8 Week Meditation Course "The Heart of Awareness"

Meditation is a practice of maintaining inner peace

The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its benefits, such as stress and anxiety reduction, emotional health, enhanced self-awareness, longer attention span, improvement in the quality of sleep and memory, generated kindness and compassion and less reactivity to pain or difficulty.

Yet meditation can offer so much more than that! It is the best known way to return back home, to what is true and to who we are. Meditation is a practice of remembering the deep, unshakable peace at our core.

This meditation course consists of eight meditation classes over an eight weeks period.

Each class includes some theory/ technique presentation, practice and time for discussion and questions.

It is perfectly suitable for beginners, aspiring to start a meditation practice, yet it would also serve the experienced practitioners craving to go deeper in their practice.

We will learn techniques to quieten the mind, sink and rest in the Heart and also the powerfully transformative method of self-enquiry (atma vichara).

Join us to discover the true meaning of living with an open heart! “Only from the Heart can you touch the sky” – Rumi

8 Tuesday evenings, starting on the 4th October 2022
7-8.15pm (the duration of each class is around 75minutes)

Full course - $160 NZD for all 8 classes & mentoring
Casual - $25/ class

By appointment

4/10/22, 4:00 pm

22/11/22, 6:30 pm



what to bring:

The Yoga Space Hastings

optional notebook and pen, sitting props

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Radha Iveta


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