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6 Day Heart Awakening Silent Meditation Retreat

an opportunity to dive deep into stillness and practice

The six day silent residential retreat consists of five full days of silence and practice and two half days (one to arrive and settle and one to integrate and depart). The program provides space for meditation, deep relaxation and self-exploration while observing noble silence(mauna) This duration of retreat offers further insight into the practice of meditation as well as more time to embrace both the philosophy presented and the richness of experience. Five days of intense practice allow for one to really tap into stillness and have a taste of deeper meditative states. All Heart Awakening silent retreats are suitable for beginners and for experienced meditators alike.

Food: healthy, balanced "sattvic" diet to support the practice of meditation.Three meals daily, breakfast, lunch and dinner+ snacks
Accommodation: twin or single rooms, in beautiful natural surroundings, shared bathrooms

*WHAT IS A SILENT RETREAT? A silent retreat means that everyone participating observes noble silence. No conversations, but also no use of phone or any devices, not even reading. This external vow of silence may seem harsh or difficult, yet it is actually a very natural and normal once begun and inevitably brings an experience of deep peace. In an environment with less information intake, the mind gets the chance to quiet down and meditation is natural and easy. Being in silence is a very unique, deeply purifying and enlightening experience. It creates space for a deep insight and deep rest

By appointment

21/09/22, 2:00 pm

27/09/22, 8:00 am



what to bring:

Strathean retreat centre, Te Horo, Otaki

yoga mat, bedding

For queries and enrolments please contact the advertiser directly:



Radha Iveta


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